Movie Analysis : Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory

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Salihah Alghamdi EN 399 Film assignment The 1971 Mel Stewart film, “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”, is about a little boy named Charlie Bucket, who is very poor and wants to do something to help his family. The movie starts by showing that there is a contest going on for people to win a special tour through the factory of Wonka Chocolate Company and a lifetime supply of chocolate. There are only five special golden tickets hidden inside products from the Wonka Company. When the five people have found the tickets, there is a big gathering on the day of the tour with big crowds of people and news people too to see Mr wonka come out from his factory to greet the winners. When the children and their parents are inside the factory the children sign a thing saying they will not steal or take information or do bad things and they all go on their way for the tour. Right away, it all seems very strange with coat hooks that move and weird size doors and rooms. Inside of the factory is very much a different world. The workers are small orange men who sing songs telling about the behaviors people should not have. This movie shows people from more than one culture in the main characters. The five main children characters in the film are Violet Beauregarde from the USA; Augustus Gloop, from Germany; Veruca Salt, from the UK, Mike Teavee, who sounds like he is from the USA; and Charlie Bucket, who sounds American but his town looks like a place that would be in Europe. Each

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