Movie Analysis – a Beautiful Mind

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Movie Analysis – A Beautiful Mind A Beautiful Mind is a true story based on the life of John Forbes Nash, the mathematical genius who, while a graduate at Princeton University in the 1940s, discovered a principle equation that changed economic theory. But his extraordinary career was sidetracked by his struggle with schizophrenia, almost destroying his family and himself. The irony of his predicament was that the drugs that kept his psychosis in check also prevented him from thinking coherently. In order for him to think, he couldn't take his medication, which lead to continuous delusions. He eventually learned to use his own mind's logic to keep his thoughts in check, even though he still suffered from schizophrenia. The movie…show more content…
He experiences hallucinations again after stopping his medication. He wanders around the house while he was supposed to be watching his son in the bathtub, and his son almost drowns. He also believes that people are telling him to kill his wife. According to the information I have read about schizophrenia, I believe this film does a good job of accurately portraying the disorder. It includes behaviors associated with the disorder, as well as treatments and side effects from the medication. In the movie Nash is constantly suffering from paranoia due to his schizophrenia. He believes that he is being watched by the Soviets who are after his brilliant mind. Even though these beliefs are false he can’t shake the feeling of being watched or followed. His paranoia leads to him acting as if he is always on edge and constantly concerned with the situation. He can’t function normally and concentrate on the important matters such as his family and work. He is fixated with his paranoia and the images created by schizophrenia. The movie does show a truthful perception of the illness known as paranoia. The power of his paranoia almost ruined his life and it was clearly displayed in the movie. Paranoia can affect all kinds of people including people with brilliant minds like Nash. It usually occurs more with people who have a reason to be suspicious of others. Nash’s theories were very important and this may have caused him
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