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Relationship Development Analysis in Up This paper will focus on interpersonal relationships; more specifically, romantic partners and the development of a relationship in a scene from the movie Up. Relationship development has two spectrums of stages: coming together and coming apart. This paper will focus on the stages taking place in the coming together phase, the relational norms and outcomes, speed of stage advancement, character role in each stage and how they could improve on their interpersonal relationship. The movie Up consists of a boy named Carl Fredricksen who falls in love with a girl named Ellie. They both love the famous explorer Charles Muntz and their friendship revolves around it. Ellie describes a place Muntz…show more content…
This scene is a great illustration of romantic relationship development. After passing through the experiment stage, Carl and Ellie enter the intensifying stage. Here, Carl and Ellie progress beyond the conventional small talk and become more than just normal friends. Sharing her dream of going to Paradise Falls, Ellie opens herself up to Carl. Another example of this stage is when Ellie makes Carl cross his heart and promise to take her and him to Paradise Falls. “One particular strong sign that your relationship is intensifying is the direct expression of commitment.” (McCornack, 2010, p.336) Ellie also uses “we” and “us” in place of her and Carl individually. They start coming together and begin to form a bond. Even though Carl and Ellie intensify their relationship, they could have communicated more efficiently to make the process easier and faster. In the scene, Ellie did ALL the talking. Carl did not say one word and because of this Ellie formed the relationship practically on her own initiative. If Carl actually spoke up and gave input maybe their relationship could have been stronger earlier on. Ellie could have also known Carl like her to if he spoke up. On the flip side, Ellie weakness is that she talked TOO much. She came off as forward and commanding, always leading the conversation. This could have scared away anyone
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