Movie Analysis of 'Tokyo Sonata'

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Kiyoshi Kurosawa's 2008 motion picture Tokyo Sonata puts across an account involving a Japanese family as it needs to go through a series of problems that put their determination to test. Each of the four characters in the Sasaki family has trouble understanding what he or she wants from life and as he or she comes to learn and accept what his or her family has to say about his or her personality. Kurosawa most probably wanted to provide viewers with a rather common story occurring in an environment dominated by globalization a place where values change at a rapid pace and where people can or cannot find their personal identity. One of the principal features in three of the members of the Sasaki family (Ryuhei, Megumi, and Takashi) is the tendency to believe that they live stable lives. The moment when Ryhei's superior asks him "What are you good at?" marks an important event in the character's development. He cannot respond because he is completely puzzled by the question and he discovers that a person cannot be certain in regard to his or her future. He believes that his family shares his feelings and is reluctant to tell them about his problem in an attempt to protect them. However, the moment his wife finds out that he took up a job as a janitor proves to be too much for her and she comes to perform a series of acts that practically contrast her behavior previous to this event. She does not hesitate to accompany a robber in his quest to recover from a financial impasse

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