Movie And Scene Of The Movie ' Spartacus '

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Introduction On many occasions, Hollywood made movies based on true events in history. Such films dazzled audiences worldwide as they watched people who were once alive perform feats and make their mark in history, which inspired those around them. Unfortunately, most od these films were hardly true to what really happened, in which most scenes in the film were either heavily romanticised or simply totally made up altogether. The popular 1960 film Spartacus, directed by Stanley Kubrick and named after the famous slave revolt leader of the same name, was no exception.
Movie and Scene Presentation Summary The film was set in the same setting as the titular protagonist historically started the slave revolt: in Italy, and was especially set
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There was no known date of when Lives was written, but it was known that Plutarch began writing rather late in his life, in his home of Chaeronea, in Greece (Warner 1964, 7). The context of the work at the time of the production of Lives was also known. When the philosopher wrote this work, it was written during the reigns of the Roman emperors Hadrian and Trajan. At some point in his life, Plutarch was appointed to an important position by Emperor Hadrian. Being a philosopher and a moralist, Plutarch wrote Lives with the aim to educate readers about morals and what individuals with good qualities and principles achieved, and the consequences caused by living immorally or by bad decisions in the person’s life (Warner 1964, 8). This ancient book contained the biographies of prominent figures of those before the author’s time, such as Alexander the Great, Cicero, Caesar, Marius, Crassus, and many more. Plutarch, being Greek and having lived in a time when Greece was a part of the Roman Empire, wrote this work that contained both prominent Roman and Greek figures of history. The original text had the biographies alternate between a Greek figure’s biography, which was then followed by a Roman person’s biography (Warner 1964, 8). Based on the above information, the works of Plutarch gave people a glimpse into the historical context in which the book was written.
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