Movie As Good As It Gets Directed By James L. Brooks

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When I finished watching the movie As Good as It Gets directed by James L. Brooks, and reading the article Perceived Functions Of Worry Among Generalized Anxiety Disorder Subjects: Distraction From More Emotionally Distressing Topics? By T.D Borkovec and Lizabeth Roemer, I noticed many issues that were raised. The movie raises the issue of how individuals are supposed to function with disorders, like obsessive compulsive disorder, along with how their loved ones are to deal with the disorder as well. The article raises the issue of individuals with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) and how they deal with worry.
In the article T.D Borkovec and Lizabeth Roemer state that “Informal questioning of generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) clients during a therapy outcome investigation revealed six commonly offered reasons for why they worried, and these included both potentially adaptive and maladaptive functions: (a) motivation to get tasks done, (b) general problem-solving, (c) preparation for the worst, (d) planning ways to avoid negative events, (e) distraction from more emotional thoughts, and (f) superstitious effects on the perceived likelihood of future events.” When I think about this, I think about how these individuals are trying to function normally in their everyday lives, but they cannot because of constant worrying. Some worrying is normal, but when it affects every day functioning it becomes a problem. It does not only become a problem for the person living with it,…
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