Movie Character Presentation

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Movie Character

Overview of Presentation

This presentation will focus on Andrew, the main character of the movie, Philadelphia.

A functional health assessment will be done.

Two normal and two abnormal health patterns identified.

A nursing diagnosis with interventions and resources included. Background of Movie and

Andrew is an up and coming lawyer working for a prestigious law firm in Philadelphia. He is a gay man who is HIV+ and hides his sexual orientation and HIV status from his employers. He is suddenly terminated for supposedly losing an important document. Andrew sues his employers for wrongful termination.

Functional Assessments
Health Perception/Health Management

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He has a partner that he is very close with and a very supportive family.
Sexuality/Reproductive Patterns

Andrew is in a stable long term relationship with his partner.
Unknown if he had pans for children with his current disease state. Assessment Complete
Pattern of Coping and Stress Tolerance

Andrew has been faced with an extremely difficult situation and seems to cope with it very well during the movie.
Coping mechanisms used do seem to help and he does not seek treatment for any emotional distress only physiological because of his illness.
Pattern of Values and Beliefs

Parents encourage him to fight for his rights, stating that they did not raise their children “sit in the back of the bus”.
He seems to be close with the gay community, no ethnic or cultural groups identified but his partner seemed to be form Hispanic culture. No religious preference identified.

Analysis of Health Assessment
Normal Assessment Findings

Andrew has a great support system and handles his tough situation very well considering his condition. He is coping positively and is very open about the fact that he is dying.
Abnormal or Risk-Based Findings

He has a lot of late stage AIDS diseases that takes a toll on his body and is wasting away slowly during the movie. He questions his faith and is worried about his partner after he dies. He knows death is imminent and is at risk for emotional distress.

Additional Observations

Cultural: Unable to distinguish a specific

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