Movie Do The Right Thing

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Actor and director Spike Lee portrays his “truth” about racial relations in his well-known movie Do the Right Thing. The film takes place in 1989 exhibiting the issues of black discrimination and racial altercations. Serious and frustrated, Lee stays true to the ethnicity of his characters, reflecting their own individualism. The main character in the film, Mookie, sets the temperature extremely high towards the end portion of the movie when he does an unexpected action. One of the many questions at the end of the film is whether Mookie “does the right thing” when he chucks the garbage can through the window, yelling the word “hate”, thus provoking the riot that destroys Sal 's pizzeria. I see Mookie 's action as an appropriate wise decision because he directs a less personal attack towards Sal by targeting Sals building, to channel the anger that was spreading throughout the community over Raheem 's murder, and lastly Mookie was standing up for his community. Mookie was a courageous young man for his unexpected act. Mookie (Spike Lee) is a young hardworking teenager living in a black and Puerto Rican neighborhood. He lives with his sister Jade and girlfriend Tina. Trying to support his girlfriend and their newborn baby, he works vigorously as a sole black employee of pizza deliveryman for a local white-owned pizzeria down their neighborhood. The pizzeria 's Italian-American owner is an aged man named Sal. Unlike most of the area 's white businessmen, Sal decided to stay
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