Movie Food, Inc.

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First, it is important to realize that the movie Food, Inc. was released in 2008 to a small audience in only certain markets. Only after the movie received the backing of many activist groups, was there a resulting widespread release of the documentary film. Food, Inc. did get nominated for an Oscar as “Best Documentary.” It did not win. Even for ultra-liberal Hollywood, the use of modern “propaganda” imagery and verbal delivery doomed Food, Inc. from winning an Oscar. Activists groups have an important place in our public “checks & balances,” but all too often the viewpoints received from these groups fail to weigh many other factors of the issue(s) they address. Food, Inc.; while certainly addressing some important questions; completely failed to weigh any opposing position in order to provide a balanced report (See referenced links below). The unfortunate part of Food Inc., is that its historical viewpoint of how we got our food vs. Food Inc.’s version of the “modern” way we get our food ─ is lacking on both ends. As far as historical (in Food Inc.’s viewpoint – better) food production ─ the slaughter of cattle, pigs, chickens, lambs, etc. in “historical times” was far more drastic, dangerous, and unsanitary than what it is today. In those days, the animals where either shot, or had their necks hacked/cut by individuals working the slaughter houses. Additionally, many children as young as 8 were used in these slaughterhouse procedures. You may wish to read The Jungle,
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