Movie Idiocracy

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In today’s society, there have been many events that have had a good comparison with the movie Idiocracy. Even though we have made, good improvements with technology and growing our economy throughout the last few years. There have also been changes to the way people act and use the resources that we have today. Some of these being the type of foods being produced, the way we use technology, and also the way we speak. While watching the movie I was able to think more about how it related to the way people act today and I believe that we are heading into an Idiocracy. The main reason is because most Millennials of today have been following many “popular” trends such as the way they dress and challenges that have become popular which has caused…show more content…
Even though it’s a good thing that we have been able to evolve more and come out with many electronic products that have benefited the economy in positive ways, there have been many ways that it is being used in a negative way. Like in the movie many people today have been entertained by people getting hurt just like the show “Ow my balls” from the movie there are many TV shows like Ridiculousness and AFV (Americas Funniest Home Videos). Many people have also been relying on texting by shortening the words they type and some have even talked in slang. This relates to the movie because the actors mainly spoke in slang and they didn’t understand when Joe was speaking because to them it sounded…show more content…
I have been able to find many factors that are similar to the movie Idiocracy such as the way that people have been depending on technology and also the ways that fast food has been growing more with people purchasing it more because it has been cheaper and faster than buying food and making it on their own. But even though there have been many similarities, there is still time for us to make a change with our generation and improve the way many people
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