Movie Like Ghostbusters And Harry Potter Essay

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Growing up it is common to come across some kind of superhero that completely fascinates us, not only do we try to mimic their appearance but also the high moral standards they live by. This can range from only fighting evil, always being polite to the most important factor, consistently saving the day. Now this action does not have an age limit, superhero fanatics range from all ages, shapes and sizes this is shown to be true every Halloween and of course comic con. Among today’s society the fixation over an extraordinary human overcoming all adversities and obstacles for the simple purpose of defending human kind has begun to increase over the years. Films like Ghostbusters and Harry Potter to name a few reflect just that, this concept is known as the “hero myth.” Overshadowing an indirect correlation to society with the use of the “hero myth” further projects the tangent the public creates when confronted with unexplainable evils of their own. Superheros, we are constantly seeing different variation of them on the big screen, but the concept hero myth brings them all together. Now what exactly is the Hero Myth , In the book “Sings of Life in the USA” by Sonia Massik and Jack Solomon, a women by the name of Linda Seger provides the infamous concept of the hero myth. In the section "Creating the Myth", she explains what Hero Myth is; to Seger the idea of a myth hero is incorporated in all movies in which a hero stars in. There are a total of ten steps that the hero

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