Creative Writing: Night At Home

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She had survived the pizza and movie night with the guys, so how hard would going to church be with the Lewis family? Morgan didn 't recall the last time she was in a church. The worst part was having to wear a skirt and the chunky dress shoes she found in the closet. She put on the alien outfit and brushed her hair. Many things in this time were familiar, but strange enough to make her feel off balance. The theater they went to the night before had popcorn and soda like every theater she had ever been to, but the seats were uncomfortable and cramped. No one seemed to notice the discomforts, so she didn’t say anything. Although she had not previously seen the movie, the tall man leaning over to speak to his girlfriend distracted her. "You…show more content…
How many years had he been enduring this dress up torture? The Lewis 's greeted several people as they took their seats on a pew about half way up on the left. Morgan settled into the unpadded seat, which made the movie theater seat from the previous night seem comfortably plush. The service started and she watched everyone else for the cues of when to stand or sit. No way in hell was she going to try singing the hymns so she plastered a smile on her face and let Andy hold the hymnal. His voice wasn’t half bad, but the song choice was another matter. When the pastor told everyone to sit and he started talking Morgan looked around for something to interest her. The windows of the church were stained glass and each one depicted a different scene. One was of a shepherd and a couple of sheep. Another was of an angel hovering above an kneeling woman. The one she studied the most was of a man stepping out of a boat onto the water. Another man stood on the water and held his arms out toward the boat in an obvious invitation to join him on the water. Why was he doing something impossible? Was it some kind of a trick? Were these scenes supposed to be of some event that actually happened or were they metaphorical? “That’s why we must be watchful as our town develops and builds the convention center,” the pastor said. Morgan’s head snapped up. Why was he talking about the convention center? What was he saying? “We must be ever mindful of the
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