Movie Paper (12 Angry Men)

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COMM 132 October 2, 2014 Movie Paper (12 Angry Men) In the Movie, 12 Angry Men, 12 jurors were tasked with finding a young man guilty or not-guilty of murdering his own father. In order for the men to fulfill their duty as jurors, they had to come to a consensus of whether the young man was guilty or not by working together, as a group, in order to analyze the trials evidence and testimonies, to then come to an agreement on the defendant’s guilt or innocence. As a group that was formed solely for the purpose of achieving a goal of determining someone’s guilt or innocence, the men face many of the challenges that come with having to deal with group communication, such as working with strangers, successfully interacting with them, and…show more content…
As the meeting progressed, the men transitioned into the storming stage in which they began establishing and questioning each other’s group roles. As mentioned before, Juror 1 got the group started on the case as he proposed ideas for how to go about running the meeting and setting down some general explicit norms. He proposed the idea of going around the table and getting each member’s vote on their chosen verdict, and promoted an organized way in trying to get all the members opinions. Furthermore, Juror 1 also helps resolve arising group conflicts that consequently stem from the jurors disagreeing with someone else’s logic and opinions. Also, Juror 1 gives everyone recognition and listens empathically to every individual member’s information and analysis of such information. For these reasons, Juror 1 is considered to have taken the task roles of initiator-contributor, opinion seeker and procedural technician, as well as the group maintenance roles of gatekeeper, harmonizer and encourager-supporter. Juror 2 was more shy and quiet, taking up the group maintenance role of follower because of his support of the rest of the group’s guilty verdict. Meanwhile, Juror 6 takes the task roles of information giver and opinion giver as he states new and relevant information that supports his verdict of guilty. Juror 3, on the other
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