Movie Piracy: A Debatable Issue

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Pirated movies 2012 has begun as a complex year for the creative arts industry, as well as for the online community. Policy makers are working closely with creators of intellectual content to develop new legislations that would prevent intellectual property from being stolen. SOPA and PIPA have not managed to raise the necessary support due to a series of limitations, but the need for legislations remains intense, as online piracy continues to increase. Today, movie piracy is soaring and raising more debate as to how it should best be managed. On the one hand, it is argued that movie piracy generates billion dollar losses for the creators of the films, including the actors, the screen writers, the producers, the production theaters and so on. On the other hand however, it is argued that there are also some advantages to piracy, and that this is not stopped as it generates gains for the Hollywood industry. In terms of the consequences of movie piracy, these are rather unclear. At a general level however, they can be organized into three categories: misdemeanor conviction, felony conviction and repeat offenders. The individuals convicted of misdemeanors for movie piracy could end up serving one year in jail and could also come to pay an additional fine of $100,000 or twice the gain or loss generated by the act of piracy The individuals convicted of felonies regarding movie piracy face a sentence of up to five years in jail, potentially coupled with the need to pay a

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