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In this reflective paper, I will be talking about the two movies: Matewan and On the Waterfront. I will tell you how each of these movies made me feel while I was watching them. Also, I will talk about how they relate to our HR book. Another thing that I will mention are the different acts and how the outcomes would’ve been different if they would have been in act at this time. The first movie I will be talking about is Matewan. Matewan is a movie about the mines in Mingo County, WV. In the beginning, I wasn’t sure if I would end up liking the video or not. The further it got into the movie, I really enjoyed it. I loved learning about what the “miner’s 3life” was like. It showed what they went through as they worked in the mines and it…show more content…
They were trying to stop the union from forming because they didn’t want a union to form. Many other men showed up later in the video from the Coal Company as well. The two who arrived first, kicked the people of Matewan out of their houses because they belonged to the Coal Company and they didn’t want them living there because they were all a part of the union that was forming. After being kicked out of town, the union workers of Matewan and their families built a “community” outside the city and in the woods. I really enjoyed this part of the movie because this was the point where everyone realized that they all had to work together: whites, blacks, and Italians. It also showed that even though they were going through a rough time and didn’t have much they stuck together no matter what happened. To me, sticking together is the most important thing to do when you go through hardships in life. Next, the men from the Coal Company started trouble with the people of Matewan again. From the time the two men entered the scene, I didn’t like him. He thought he was better than everyone and had a right to stop the formation of a union. However, later in the movie, it showed that the men from the Coal Company didn’t win the “battle.” The people of Matewan, once again, stuck together to kill the men from the Coal Company. In my opinion, these men deserved to die because they were treating those from the union very poorly and like they didn’t know anything.

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