Movie Reflection: The Fisher King

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Movie Reflection: The Fisher King The movie The Fisher King, is about a radio personality named Jack, who feels at fault for a terrible event that occurred over a year ago. Jack attempts to redeem himself by helping a deranged homeless man who suffered from the terrible event and while he seeks forgiveness. The movie begins with Jack hosting his radio show in the studio. The lighting in the studio almost makes it look like it is a prison, making the audience think that the radio studio is Jack’s prison and that he is trapped in that lifestyle. Jack unknowingly answers a caller’s call that would cause this terrible event to occur. The caller’s name was Edwin, who was a regular caller to Jack’s show, and sought advice about a girl that he…show more content…
Jack tried anything that would make himself feel better, because he was selfish. Nothing that Jack tried worked, until he helped Parry with the girl, Lydia, which he was in love with. Everything was going smooth until Parry returned to his catatonic state after a date with Lydia. With this occurring Jack thought that there was nothing else he could do for him so him being as selfish as he was, he returned to his previous lifestyle. Only to realize that he can’t avoid the life that Parry showed him. After visiting Parry in a mental hospital and after arguing to himself about whether or not he should steal the Holy Grail from a rich guy’s house, he decides to go through with Parry’s mission. In the end, Jack retrieves the Holy Grail, and gives it to Parry in order to get Parry out of his stupor. At the end of the movie, Jack is pretty happy with how his life turned out. In my opinion, this movie is not just one genre, but a mixture of several different genres combined, romantic, comedy, horror, with a main focus on fantasy. Whether or not the movie accomplished each individual task like it could have is a matter of personal opinion. I think that was able to make its point show through, even though they had a lot of cheesy, typical fillers throughout the movie. What I didn’t like in the movie was the fact that every time something happened to Jack, that he always tried to cover it up with something else, only proving how

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