Movie Rental Services

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Which movie rental service was best? Everyone loves movies, and the best way to see every film is of renting. There was an age where people used brick and mortar stores to see the latest available movies. Currently, there are more choices open for film lovers of all ages. The World Wide Web has improved things drastically, and many physical rental stores have faded out of existence. Ultimately, this brings about where Netflix , Red Box, and Blockbuster comes into place considering the progression of film service.
Blockbuster is a great example of a brick and mortar store, which opened in Dallas in the year 1985. Blockbuster has been providing the service of renting physical media off of its shelves for quite some time. At its peak Blockbuster was massive, but because the company constantly changes its price structures and late fee agreements, it has made renting films a costly and frustrating outlook.
Red Box, on the other hand, has machines in many locations nationwide, allowing one to rent movies for only a dollar a night. Most of these machines are usually located in Wal-Mart, McDonalds, 7-11’s, and grocery stores. There are some drawbacks for this company, which include the limited product selection they have for their customers, and the extensive wait time to use the machines. Red Box customers are also subjected to the 28-day waiting period on some new released films. The future of Red Box is looking worthy of note, as video games are being presented in test markets
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