Movie Report : ' Johnny And The Mcallisters '

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Johnny and the McAllisters had left the school along with Albert as they headed for the bus garage. They needed to find a new set of wheels. Upon arrival, Ryan quickly noticed that they had everything they needed to make a pretty kick ass armored transport, even two or three if need be. The guys then took a quick visual inventory of all the supplies, while Ryan jotted down a few notes. Once finished, they decided to get back to the school were they could grab some lunch and come up with different design plans on how they wanted to move forward with the project. ***** Lovienthal, Steaks, and V.Q. eventually had made it back to the cafeteria with Pamela, while Laura went to pick up her daughter from the gymnasium having…show more content…
That he along with James, Mitch, Blake, and Laura had dammed the bridge just yesterday after noticing that most of the zombies they’d been getting around the school where coming from within the town. That damming the bridge allowed them to isolate the school on the east side of the creek. Albert went on to say that there were only a few zombies that they had to deal with having made it over the bridge the first day. But they all had assumed more would come. Billy then thought of the corpses he saw lying along the first base fence line of one of the baseball diamonds just outside of the school. Albert then told them, “So when we noticed that the heavy equipment was left there by the bridge, abandoned by the utility workers. We came up with the idea to use it as a blockade.” Ryan asked Albert how they managed to get what looked like such a daunting task done in such a short period of time. Surely the immense noise of an excavator and diesel truck would have had every Z-head coming for them. Albert told him to get around that, he had given a back pack of his homemade explosives to Mitch and Blake the men keeping watch up on the third floor. The two of them took the bombs along with some of his homemade weapons and a golf cart he used for his landscaping duties, and they went over the bridge into Middleport. Where upon sight of them the dead instantly gave chase, but that was
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