Movie Report On The Road Trip

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One foggy afternoon Bruce, Billy, and Joe went to the Camp Gold Lake to spend the summer. Billy heard about the rumors of a giant monster that haunts the forest and lake. Billy told the other two about it but Bruce said, “There isn’t no monster it’s just folktale to keep people from renting the log cabin”. Bruce and Joe finally convinced Billy to go to the camp, when getting ready to leave there was a news story about the missing girl that has been missing for 3 months. The news report said, “The long search for Samantha is finally over after police found her body in Camp Gold’s forest.” Billy had that bad feeling again, but he didn’t want to tell the others because they would have made fun of him. On the long road trip they stopped at restaurants, malls, and anything that seemed fun. Billy already forgot about the camp and was having fun during the road trip because it’s the first time in a long time that they have gone anywhere and all had fun together. They all followed the lyrics to happy songs when they passed a sign that said, “Welcome to Virginia,” Billy stopped singing and looked at the sign knowing they just in a few miles they’re going to be at the camp. He begin to worry but then he looked at his friends and told himself, “It’s going to be ok, those stories are fake anyway.” They were all enjoying the time they had together until they had to stop in a long line of traffic. Bruce got mad and started to yell and curse Joe tried to look over all the cars to see
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