Movie Report : ' The Sparkling Sun Shined Against The Windows Onto The Furniture '

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Kreena Patel Realistic Fiction Unexpected The sparkling sun shined against the windows onto the furniture. “Today will be a good day, and I’m going to have the best birthday week. I can just feel it” exclaimed Mia in her cheerful voice. It was a beautiful day in Los Angeles, California and Mia knew nothing would ruin her perfect 18th birthday. There was no school because it was spring break, and Mia was going to have the biggest birthday she had ever had. “Mia! Riley! Kyle!” shouted the father of the three children, Matt Jones, as he approached the front door with a carry on suitcase. As the children walked one by one down the stairs, they presented their parents with their I’m-not-sure-what’s-going-on-here expression, looking more…show more content…
“When will you guys be home?” Kyle asked waiting for a response, hoping that they wouldn’t ruin the whole, special weekend that was planned ahead of them. “We should be home by tonight and don’t you worry, if we cannot make it home by tonight we will catch the first plane early in the morning” Matt replied with a sincere look on his face. Matt and Tracy were headed to their car that was going to pick them up and take them to the airport when they were approached by Riley. Riley always understood the insane schedule of her parents’ jobs and she was always understanding towards them no matter what. Riley was more mature than most kids her age because most 12 year olds wouldn’t think as hard as Riley did when a situation came up. “Bye mom and dad, have a safe trip” Riley answered to her parents just as they were about to get in the car. Just as everyone said their final goodbyes, Mr. Jones and Mrs. Jones drove off in a taxi shining as bright as the sparkling sun. Subsequently, all of the children went inside and did their own things for the rest of the night up until the next morning while they all woke up around 9 o’clock and their parents weren’t home. From previous experiences, Mia, Riley, and Kyle knew that when their parents promised that they would be back early in the morning being the latest, they meant it. “I’m getting a little worried about mom and dad, should we call them?” Kyle questioned
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