Movie Report : ' The Sparkling Sun Shined Against The Windows Onto The Furniture '

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Kreena Patel
Realistic Fiction

The sparkling sun shined against the windows onto the furniture. “Today will be a good day, and I’m going to have the best birthday week. I can just feel it” exclaimed Mia in her cheerful voice. It was a beautiful day in Los Angeles, California and Mia knew nothing would ruin her perfect 18th birthday. There was no school because it was spring break, and Mia was going to have the biggest birthday she had ever had. “Mia! Riley! Kyle!” shouted the father of the three children, Matt Jones, as he approached the front door with a carry on suitcase. As the children walked one by one down the stairs, they presented their parents with the I’m-not-sure-what’s-going-on-here mindset, looking more confused than ever right at their father. “Your mother and I have been called down to Spain for a last minute business meeting that we have to attend, or our job can be on the line here” stated Mr. Jones. “What! Today is my 18th birthday. Today is the day that I can finally call myself an adult. Today is supposed to be one of the greatest days of my life, and you... you’re leaving?” Hollered Mia with her despondent face towards the both of her parents. “Don’t you worry honey, we 'll be back at night just before your special day ends. We will leave you guys with extra money and food just in case, but we need you to stay in the house until we come home. This is not the safest place you’d leave your kids alone. However, we’re going to have to work with
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