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Movie Review: A Few Good Men Ashley Irving April 29, 2012 Professor William Jackson ADJ 235 The movie I’ve chosen, a courtroom thriller, is A Few Good Men. This movie is staged to confront moral issues in society. These moral issues will create legal dilemma. Not only create dilemmas, also questions of the United States Navy are raised. The questions occur because of a scandal that hurts the reputation of the United States Navy. This courtroom thriller stars Tom Cruise, Kevin Bacon, Cuba Gooding Jr, Demi Moore, and Jack Nicholson. Each actor plays a significant part for their character. The characters in A Few Good Men face moral dilemmas. Lt Kaffe is played by Tom Cruise; he is a young lawyer who has to defend two Marines who are…show more content…
It is also said that Santiago was not in good health and was seeking a transfer. This decision his platoon commander did not agree with and has a discussion about Santiagos training with his senior, Colonel Jessup. This action makes the audience question if this training could be the code red that took his life. Jessups dilemma is whether he should transfer the private or not. He subjected two marines to a trial that may end their careers as Marines. The marines find themselves facing their own dilemma because they did not take responsibility, although they were given direct orders, they should have defended a helpless person. The outcome of Santiagos life is partly their responsibility. In the movie, the truth begins to come out about who is to blame for Santiagos death. Is it the one that gave the order or those who carried out the order they were given. Lt Kaffe realizes that Jessup is to blame, and holds him responsible. This could put his career at risk, also his name. In the trial, Jessup is on the stand, and Lt Kaffe must prove that he indeed gave the order for code red. No evidence proves these accusations, and Kaffe must find the evidence or this could mean his career ending in disgrace with the military. Once Kaffe starts to grill him, Jessup admits that he gave the code red order. He defends his actions by stating that he had every right to give this order because of the defense of the system. He thinks that he is helping
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