Movie Review : American Gangster

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During the Vietnam War in the 1970s, hard drugs, especially heroin and cocaine, became a major source of crime and, therefore, police and legal system involvement. Was this involvement always a good thing though? The 2007 movie, American Gangster, addresses this very question by looking at law enforcement agencies during the 1970s, along with the corruption involved with police departments at this point in history. The particular corrupted agency focused on in the film is the New York Police Department, of which dirty detective, Nick Trupo, is a part of. The short clip shown from this movie makes the argument that although not all cops during this time became involved in the very crime they were supposed to be stopping, a large percentage of them did, which hindered the true “good guys,” like detective Richie Roberts, from keeping cities clean. The first instance of corruption that is witnessed from the clip is when Detective Trupo pulls Frank Lucas and his new wife over on their wedding day. At this point, Trupo takes two actions that confirm that his ethics are not ______???______. First, Trupo pulls over Lucas and asks him to exit the vehicle without reasonable cause, then threatens Lucas to make payments to him on the first of each month after seeing that Lucas can afford as much as a fifty thousand dollar chinchilla coat with all of the heroin that he has sold. This situation from the film is explaining that crooked detectives and other law enforcers during the 1970s
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