Movie Review : ' An 11 Year Old Girl Named Riley '

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Have you ever wondered about the extent to which children’s movies are scientifically true? Children’s movies, especially Disney movies, possess a lot of power in their ability to inadvertently, or perhaps deliberately, teach young people about basic concepts. However, the preciseness at which the movies portray these concepts has often been come into question. One recent example of a Disney movie whose scientific accuracy is sometimes questioned is the film Inside Out. In the movie, an 11-year old girl named Riley is guided through her life by her five emotions: joy, sadness, anger, fear, and disgust (Lasseter, Stanton, and Docter, 2015). The movie also highlights the process of memories and how they are made as well concepts pertaining to the topics of personality and emotion. Overall, the movie is basically a story of how Riley moves away from her old home in Minnesota to her new home in California. It shows how her emotions deal with this change and displays many psychological concepts along the way. Whenever Riley is happy during the movie, it is because her emotion ‘Joy’ is in control inside headquarters. When she is sad, it is because sadness has done something inside headquarters. When Riley moves to California, both Joy and Sadness are swept away from headquarters, leaving just anger, fear, and disgust as Riley’s emotions. This obviously causes her to be angry, scared, or disgusted most of the time since those are the only three emotions that she has left.…

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