Movie Review : Apollo 13

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Film Review: Apollo 13 Three men shivered in the cold, dark spaceship as it floated through space, unsure if they would return to Earth after the first disaster to occur in space. During the early 1960’s, America was fascinated with the Space Race. The United States became the first country to put a man on the moon, and the exploration did not stop there. Apollo 13 tells the story of three astronauts that were supposed to go to the moon. On the journey there, part of the ship exploded, causing the fuel levels to plummet. Now unable to complete the mission, the crew struggled their own disappointments and frustrations as well as the problem of how they would get home. Against the odds, Mission Control and the three crew members overcame multiple life threatening problems and managed to get the men home alive and safe. The film Apollo 13 begins with a party scene in the house of the main character, Jim Lovell. Lovell, his family, his crew, Fred Haise and Ken Mattingly, and other NASA colleagues gathered to watch the Apollo 11 moon landing (1995). Lovell was scheduled to be on Apollo 14, and in October of 1969 while giving a tour of NASA’s vehicle assembly building, his boss Deke Slayton informed him that he was moved up to Apollo 13 (Film). One of the crew members in Apollo 13 had gotten an ear infection and was unable to go on the mission. The film jumped to three months before the launch, the crew has been practicing the mission and they had been quite successful.…

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