Movie Review : Cinderella Like Tales

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Cinderella-like tales have become a staple of the Disney movie lineup. That may explain the overwhelming popularity of these themes. The influences of these innocuous movies have a profound effect on people. Yet, companies like Disney admit there is very little marketing strategy behind their popular movies. However, many sources demonstrate that companies like Disney stereotype and market to little girl’s fantasies. The idea that girls have a need to be a princess has corrupted the Cinderella-like fairy tale. Conceivably, one reason for the increasing popularity of Cinderella-like tales comes from false expectations of girls. Jean Twenge, Ph. D., a psychologist from San Diego State University, uses the phrase “Generation Me” to refer to…show more content…
It then becomes important to demonstrate the similarity of Cinderella-like fairy tales, where once the plot thickens magical interventions happen in order to see the princess succeed, which fosters false expectations in girls. In turn, these false expectations will cause girls to act out of character. Philip G. Zimbardo, professor and author of "The Stanford Prison Experiment," proves that the situation and environment can cause people to act out of character (107). Yale psychologist, Stanley Milgram would agree with Zimbardo 's findings, when he announced that people have the ability to act in a disturbing manner on another person 's authority (78). It is then important to realize both groups of individuals in Milgram’s and Zimbardo’s experiments were role-playing trying to meet someone 's imaginary expectations. In the light of these discoveries, if a girl is bombarded with the message, "she needs this style of life" they might only want to aspire to a set of goals that are laid out for them even though the path to get there is never revealed. Marketing magic at work. As an illustration, if a young girl abandons part of her thinking to the authority of a Disney character and fantasizes, then that observer becomes susceptible to the influences of that fictional voice of authority. In other words, if someone only

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