Movie Review-Erin Brockovich Essay

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Erin Brockovich, a 2000 Jersy Film Production, staring Julia Roberts is based on a true story that involved Pacific Gas and Electric Company using hexavalent chromium or chromium six as a rust inhibitor to prevent corrosion of pistons used in engines. According to the movie, for fourteen years, the Pacific Gas and Electric Company had been dumping water containing chromium six into ponds and covering them over. The ponds were not lined and the chromium based water leaked into the local water supply exposing residents of Hinkley, California to chromium six. Repeated exposure to hexavalent chromium causes chronic headaches, cancer, nose bleeds, bone and organ deterioration, respiratory failure, liver failure, heart failure, bone or organ…show more content…
They had even presented a seminar to the community and gave out pamphlets advising the residents that chromium three was good for them. They did this to establish a statue of limitations, the community would have one year from the time they first learned of the problem to file suit and if Pacific Gas and Electric could ride out the year with no one suing, they would legally be in the clear forever. The citizens of Hinkley were awarded $333 million. The Jensen's receiving $5 million of it. A total of six hundred thirty-four cases, which was the largest direct-action law suit in the United States history. Wealth was not the only source of power used in this movie. There was corporate power, intimidation, desperation, persuasion, compassion and finally the power to do what is morally right. Desperation is the first source of power that comes onto the scene of Erin Brockovich. We see Erin, interviewing for jobs, getting into a beater car and then a terrible car accident thanks to a speeding emergency room doctor in a jaguar. After her lawyer falls thru in court and she walks away from the accident penniless, the desperation to put food on the table for her three kids and pay the rent gets her a job at her lawyers office. By no means did he want to hire her, but she was desperate and stubborn and refused to leave until he agreed to hire her. Once hired, she starts compiling the casework for the Jensen's and thus tumbles onto the mysterious findings of the medical
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