Movie Review : Film And Co Produced By Steven Spielberg

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The movie I have chosen for my movie review paper is Schindler 's List. The film was directed and co-produced by Steven Spielberg. The movie is American made but was filmed in Poland. I chose this movie because I am interested in history and World War 2. The setting of the movie takes place primarily in Krakow, Poland during World War 2 (1939-1945). Poland was under German occupation at the time. The setting of the film shows us the Holocaust and the mistreatment of the Jews. This makes it of historical importance in understanding its social stratification value. It became especially emotional for Steven Spielberg because he is also Jewish and his family has direct ties to the Holocaust. The social stratification concepts I chose to select are social differentiation, social inequality, and the stratification systems. Specifically the slave and social class systems. Social Stratification is defined as “A form of inequality in which categories of people are systematically ranked in a hierarchy on the basis of their access to scare but valued resources.” (Thompson, Hickey 199). Concepts of social stratification revolve around inequality, differential treatment, and unequal access to wealth, power, and prestige. The plot of the movie revolves around these concepts with the differential treatment of the Jews by the Nazi Germans. This is what makes these stratification concepts sociologically important. The plot shows how the Jews were stripped of their wealth, power, and…
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