Movie Review : ' Full Metal Jacket '

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Ronald Lee Emery, retired Staff Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps famous for his role in the movie Full Metal Jacket, once spoke about the call to battle saying, “It 's my firm conviction that when Uncle Sam calls, by God we go, and we do the best that we can.” This is a simple yet powerful quote that embodies the feeling of duty to his country that provokes ordinary citizens to leave their everyday lives behind them and join the cause to protect their country. People enlist in the armed forces for a multitude of reasons but one reoccurring reason is a feeling of duty towards protecting ones country and in the case of the civil war this was a widely spread concept. The Union and Confederate soldiers possessed deeply held ideological, political, and patriotic convictions, which were the major reasons they enlisted, fought, and remained in the ranks. McPherson claims these ideals that motivated soldiers to join the army were a combination of duty to country as well as ones comrades, personal honor, and patriotism. Furthermore he claims that ideology and images of manhood were just as important to soldier motivation as group cohesion was. McPherson’s main argument about what motivated soldiers during the war breaks down the motivations of Civil War soldiers into three categories, the initial motivation or enlistment, the “sustaining” motivation, and finally combat motivation. While different, these three motivations were all intertwined and if not strong enough could
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