Movie Review : ' Get From The Car '

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"Get in the car." Emma hears her mom say to her as she 's still waking up. Emma has no clue what 's going on. She asks her mom, "Where are we going?" Her mom doesn 't answer her. Emma is so confused she has no clue where they are going or why they are leaving. She had always had a pretty good life, she has plenty of friends, a boyfriend, she 's was even the cheer captain. Emma is fifteen, she was born and raised in a little town called Norton, Kansas. They have been in the car for about three hours now and Emma is sound asleep. "What are we going to tell her?" asks Emma 's mother. "Nothing." Replies Emma 's father. They show up in this little town outside of Minneapolis, called Eagan. "Welcome to our new house!" says Emma 's father. The…show more content…
Every family seems like they are all a little bit different. Emma thinks it is kind of weird but tries not to pay too much attention to it. One of the families in the cul-de-sac homeschools all the girls who live around them. Emma parents have decided that that’s where they want Emma to go to school. She has been trying to make friends with all the girls in the houses around her but they all seem so different. The family who lives next to Emma seems very nice but Emma has never heard any of them talk. Emma believes that her parents are hiding something from her. She doesn’t know much about their past and they still haven 't told her why they moved. She doesn 't like going to school since she doesn 't have any friends and her teacher is very strict. Emma 's parents told her they work as accountants but she just found out that was a lie. Emma found a paper in her mother 's brief case with all the lies her parents have told her and how to cover them up. Emma decided to skip school one day and follow her parents to see where they go. She sees her parents getting ready to get into their car so she hides in the back seat. Emma can 't tell where they are going but she doesn 't remember ever being in this part of town. Her parents stop the car and get out Emma is scared she doesn’t know what to do or how to follow someone. She gets out of the car and stays a couple of feet behind her parents. They go into this mysterious building, it
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