Movie Review : Get Out, A Film By Jordan Peele

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On Monday, April 10th, 2017, I attended the Courageous conversations that was held by the Center for Diversity and inclusion. We talked about the movie Get Out, a film by Jordan Peele. The plot of the film is that Chris (Daniel Kaluuya), an African American man is invited to a weekend getaway by his girlfriend to meet her parents. His girlfriend is Rose (Allison William), a white American. At first, Chris is reluctant of going to his girlfriend’s house and worries that Rose’s parents will not accept him, he asks Rose whether she has told them that he is black. He later agrees to go. At Rose’s parents’ house, Chris is skeptical about how Rose’s family reacts since they are overly accepting and accommodating and seem not to have a problem…show more content…
From an interview with Jordan Peele, he mentions that he thinks there is a demon in the human DNA that affects how humans behave among each other. In relation to racism, I agree that human beings have a demon in their DNA because this is the only explanation for the police brutality and the Lynching/killings of black people. The courageous conversation also reminded me of a conversation I had with a white person when I asked them whether they would ever consider dating a black person and she responded that she did not find black people attractive at all. By saying this statement, she was acting on her prejudice toward black people. How it relates to the class The courageous conversation on “Get Out” relates to the class discussion on racism, prejudice, prejudice, stereotypes, and micro aggressions. The stereotypes and macroaggressions we discussed are very evident in the movie “Get Out”, especially when Rose’s parents make slight, ignorant comments that indirectly insults Chris such as about meeting Tyga woods. These are experiences that occur to some black people every day when interacting with white people. In our discussions, students gave examples of how they have experienced racism/macroaggressions here at Xavier. In relation to our racism and prejudice class discussion, we concluded that Rose’s family and neighborhood were acting out the prejudice toward black people and that their actions prove that they were racist.

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