Movie Review : Gone Girl

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In recent years, movies based on books have become increasingly popular. It is now the norm for film trailers to advertise, “based on the best-selling novel.” This tends to cause some problems with fans of the book being portrayed. Some fans might not like the portrayal of the characters or how the movie doesn’t capture the same essence as the novel. But in some cases, people who have read the book enjoy the film more. In 2012, Gone Girl was published, and 2 years later the film was released into theaters. Movie reviewers from around the world offered their insight and opinions on the movie when compared to the novel. These reviewers targeted an audience who were fans of the book and interested moviegoers in general. The argument, ‘book versus movie’ takes many different sides in regarding Gone Girl, from reviewers favoring the novel more or vice versa, and some that fall in the middle. Owen Gleiberman, a film reviewer for BBC News, made it clear that he thought the book was better than the movie. Gleiberman starts his review discussing how movies based on books aren’t the same nor as good, and how fans don’t seem to be that bothered by the differences. He goes on to summarize Gone Girl’s main plot and discusses the actors, characters and their background information. In the second section of the review, Gleiberman reminisces over the novel and how the movie doesn’t offer the same feel in regarding the marriage between the two main characters. The rest of…
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