Movie Review : ' Good Morning Mr. Brown '

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Jessica: “Good morning Mr.Brown, How are you doing today?
Mr Brown: I’d be a lot better if I can get out of here and get back to my couch, so I can watch the game today.
Jessica: Well Mr. Brown, that’s our goal today. To get you feeling much better.
Jessica: Mr. Brown I am now going to tell you your results as well as explain them so you can better understand what you’re up against. And that way, we can all come together and figure out the best plan of action to get your cholesterol under control.
Mr Brown: Okay. As long as I don’t have to get up off of my couch and miss my sports. I’ll think about it.
Jessica: Well Mr. Brown I’ll let you be the judge. Here are your results.
Jessica: Your Triglycerides results are slightly elevated, but not necessarily high. The readings are suppose to be lower than 150 mg/dL, and you fall slightly under that with 145 mg/dL (Schwartz, Aug. 16, 2013, para 3). That’s why I said your results are slightly elevated because it has the potential to be high at any given moment.
Mr. Brown: What the heck is “Tri-what”?
Jessica: (laughs lightly) “Triglycerides”.
Mr. Brown: Yeah. What the heck is that?
Jessica: Well Mr. Brown, simply put, Triglycerides is the major form of fat stored by the body. Not only can we get it from the foods we eat but our body produces it too (Tortora/Derrickson, n.d., para 4). Did you know that when your Triglyceride levels get too high in your blood, they can cause plaque buildup in the arteries (Szalay, March 24, 2016,…

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