Movie Review : ' Hamlet '

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Abbegail Feasel
English 11
22 February 2016

Hamlet: Movie Review It would be hard to argue the fact that William Shakespeare is one of the greatest contributors to modern English as we know it, his plays and sonnets have been turned into movies, books, and music as well as translated into virtually every language. With that being said, one of his most famous plays is Hamlet. Many movies were based off of this play and a very popular one is Hamlet directed by Franco Zeffirelli. This drama film was produced on December 19th, 1990 and was around 134 minutes long. This movie based off of Shakespeare’s most famous work was a hit, raking in approximately $20.7 million in the box office. Zeffirelli’s motive in making the movie was to make Shakespeare available and interesting to younger viewers. Franco Zeffirelli was successful in recreating the play Hamlet, as the movie added extreme depth to the play making it appealing to all viewers. This movie Hamlet, set in Denmark was set during a period from 1599 to 1601. It is about Prince Hamlet and his plan to pursue revenge on the man who killed his father, the King. Prince Hamlet soon finds out that his father was murdered by none other than Claudius, his uncle. Claudius becomes King and marries the prince’s mother Gertrude. Hamlet plans to seek revenge to Claudius through making him “mad”. Hamlet then arranges a play called “The Mouse Trap” which portrays the very scene of his father’s death. As Hamlet had hoped,…
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