Movie Review : ' Happy Gilmore '

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The movie “Happy Gilmore” is about a hard-working hockey player who becomes a professional golfer after realizing his talents in golf and in order to earn money to buy back his grandmother’s house that had been repossessed by the IRS. “Happy Gilmore“ although a comedic movie, can be analyzed and related to specific psychological concepts. “Happy Gilmore” exemplifies the frustration- aggression principle as Happy misses his shots, Shooter McGavin demonstrates a narcissistic personality disorder throughout the movie, and finally, Happy exhibits social facilitation as he performs better in the presence and support of a cheering crowd. Ever since the beginning of “Happy Gilmore”, Happy has trouble controlling his actions in times of anger.…show more content…
In psychology terms, this is called the frustration- aggression principle. The frustration- aggression principle explains that as someone experiences frustration, they create anger within themselves which then can result in aggressive actions if there is a lack of self control (Myers 2011, p. 673). In Happy’s case, he came frustrated by various things including his relationship, failure in hockey, and his inability to initially save his grandmother’s house. This frustration turned into anger which then spiraled into aggressive events after he realized that he was incapable of immediately fixing his problems. However, the frustration- aggression principle does not promise aggressive actions after every frustration. Depending on the individual and even the temperature, individuals respond to their frustrations in different ways. During hotter temperatures, people react on their aggression more frequently than during colder temperatures (Myers 2011, p. 673). This directly relates to Happy, because although Happy is a naturally aggressive person, Happy is out golfing in the summer heat for most of the entire movie. Being out in the hot temperatures may not have caused the aggressive actions, but the temperature may have assisted in Happy’s decision to act out on his anger every time he became frustrated. Also, Happy may have developed his aggressive tendencies because of a lack of parenting.
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