Movie Review : High Anxiety

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High Anxiety is a film directed, produced and starring Mel Brooks. It is a classic film known for spoofing a many number of Alfred Hitchcock films. High Anxiety is an homage to Hitchcock, and there are many scenes in the film that share similarities to several Hitchcock films. The significance of Hitchcock and his correlation to psychology lies with Sigmund Freud. It is no secret that Hitchcock was greatly influenced by Freud’s theories of psychoanalysis. Alfred Hitchcock’s films were heavily indebted to Freud’s ideas and theories of the unconscious. His characters consistently suffer from unusual relationships with their mothers. Additionally, Hitchcock structured one of his films almost exactly like a psychoanalysis: the lead character suffers from a trauma she experienced in her childhood, but which she has forgotten, and, in the closing scene, in which she is saved, she enacts a kind of liberating moment of recollection of the original trauma. This repressed memory is the underlying theme of the movie. It is also one of the first films were the hero is portrayed by a psychiatrist and not a police officer. So, it would only be fitting that Mel Brooks’ parody of mental disorders mimics the master of psychological thrillers. Mel Brooks does a masterful job in his tongue-in-cheek performance of a psychiatrist, Dr. Richard Thorndyke, who takes a job at the Psycho-Neurotic Institute for the Very, Very Nervous and develops a case of “high anxiety”. This film has what

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