Movie Review : Hotel Rwanda

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Hotel Rwanda is a film that made me cry many times throughout the film. This film most definitely goes to show how cruel many people in this world can be. This film is about the genocide in Rwanda where thousands of Tutsi’s were killed because they were being blamed for everything going wrong in the country. It appears that many people want someone to blame for their own losses and troubles so they will go as far as to attempt to murder a whole group of people. In Hotel Rwanda, the film begins with a strange man speaking in an angry voice about how the Tutsi rebels need to be stopped and squashed. This man on the radio calls them cockroaches and murderers. After this scene it goes on to a very happy tune and everything seems to be alright. It isn’t until Paul goes to meet George to do some sort of an exchange that things turn a little nasty. George tells Paul that is time that he joins his people and offers him a shirt. This a shirt we will see throughout the film because all of the Hutus are wearing this shirt. While Paul and George go to the back to get what Paul needs, a works accidently breaks open a box full of machetes and you can tell it makes Paul and Debe uncomfortable. On the way back from meeting George, many of the Hutus are in the streets chanting and prowling around with weapons. Debe gets nervous because he is Tutsi and Hutus despise Tutsi’s. Hutus are the majority in this film and Tutsi’s are the minority. There are many Tutsi’s but less than there are…

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