Movie Review : I Believe Drama

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After reading the chapter, I believe drama is a genre of film that exposes tension, raw emotions and feelings, sensitivity, pain, anger, and hidden details. Thus, drama is the act of acting out and releasing emotions, feelings, and details to the surface to expose deeper meanings and to contribute to the storyline. For instance, a boy proposes to a girl and she says yes but cries and has a look of sadness. However, she is just overwhelmed by her emotions and is really happy for the engagement. Moreover, comedies, musicals, love stories, and action movies can also fit into the category of drama too because they explore relationships, fights, affairs, and scandals that result in dramatic scenes and drama components. For example, a few drama components are screaming, crying hysterically, slashing out at loved ones, and letting raw emotions (anger, pain, grief, and love) pour from the heart. Earlier in the semester, I watched The Notebook. The scene I chose for drama is when Allie comes back to visit Noah because she saw him in a newspaper article. This scene happens near the end of the movie because Allie has conflicting emotions and feelings between her future husband and first love, Noah. The drama is high in this scene because Noah is pleading for her love and telling her to make her own choices. I chose this scene because their emotions are on their faces, in their voices, and by the words they choose to use. Furthermore, the scene is very dramatic because Noah is pitching
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