Movie Review : ' Jake Get Of The Car Now ! '

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“Jake get in the car NOW!!!!!” I said *car door opens and shuts* “What is that thing it’s so damn big, hit it the gas hurry !!” said Jake “Hurry!!!!!” *boom BOOOOM* * car screeches on the pavement*. “Faster it 's catching up to us” screamed Jake “How?! we’re going 60 mph,” I said, “I don’t know how that thing is so fast, but just do it !” Jake said “ just don 't look directly at him ok” I screamed “ Yes I get that just keep driving,” said Jake. "We can 't keep driving forever, I see this house up ahead a light is on, so I 'm going to go through this small road try to get off for a couple of minutes then we go" I asked "Whatever I don 't care dude" Jake Said. *knocking noises* “Hello anyone please help us please open up why won 't do …show more content…

Jake!! What did you do to Jake" I yelled "It 's been so long since I 've had 2 fresh meats, Oh my luck is amazing" said Arthur "Wait what did you do t--" I stuttered. “huh what’s happening, oh god what is that smell, why am I handcuffed to a pole, WHERE IS JAKE!!” I screeched. “Oh god please no plea----” “huh Jake, JAKE!!!!” I yelled “ WHERE ARE YOU ARTHUR, SHOW YOURSELF NOW !!!!!!!!”. “Oh Hello, Michael how’s the pole," said Arthur "It 'll be great when I shove it up your A**, What the hell did you do with Jake" I said "That wasn 't very nice to say, and oh him, he 'll become what he ate, just like all mothers say," said Arthur. "Wait wha--- YOU SON OF B****, I 'll kill you, I 'll kill you" I screamed at him. "Hey wanna know a secret I 'm a cannibal GET USED TO IT!!!! Hey Hey don 't hurt yourself I still have to prepare you I don 't want you all bruised up. Awww I have to use the bathroom, give you a minute to reminisce about life think how you got here. The smart ones always taste better." Said Arthur "BURN IN HELL YOU MONSTER" I Screamed "oh god what am I gonna do, KEYS Thank you, Jesus. Just jam it in the handcuff please work, please work S*** doesn 't fit" said my screwed self. " Hello again ,and goodbye to those keys," said Arthur "The hell you think you were doing, even if you did get

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