Movie Review : Juno For This Movie

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I chose to do the movie Juno for this essay because I have never seen the movie and the genre was something I would be interested in. The genre for this movie is drama, romantic, and comedy. The storyline for this movie is that this young, sixteen year old named Juno, ends up getting pregnant during her junior year of high school. She’s the type of girl who doesn’t care what others think of her. In the beginning, Paulie, the boy that Juno likes and also the father of her unborn child, like each other but she isn’t ready to have a family. Paulie is also unsure about the situation and leaves everything up to Juno to decide what to do with what is happening. Her first instincts is to have an abortion. While sitting in the abortion center filling out the paperwork, Juno soon realizes that’s not what she can go through with. Her good friend Leah recommends her to look at ads for adoption. Juno thinks she finds the perfect couple to take care of her unborn child. Before she chooses this family, she goes home to tell her Step-mom, Bren, and her father, Mac, that she got pregnant at a young age. Obviously, this isn’t the easiest thing to do especially at such a young age. After telling her parents, her parents were shocked and thought Juno was going to tell them something like she was expelled from school or hard into drugs but that wasn’t the case. But they knew that something serious had to be done. They found Mark and Vanessa Loring who are looking to adopt. Juno thinks they are
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