Movie Review : ' K Pax.

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Is there really life on another planet somewhere deep into our universe? This is one of the many questions that are brought up in the movie K-PAX. This science fiction thriller staring Kevin Spacey and Jeff Bridges is filled with a mystery that makes the audience really question reality and challenge their own beliefs.

The mysterious character Prot, portrayed by Kevin Spacey, who early on finds himself locked up in a mental hospital in Manhattan, claims to be from a distant planet one thousand light years away called K-PAX. Dr. Mark Powell, Portrayed by Jeff Bridges, is the psychiatrist at this mental institution that examines Prot and tries to figure out how to help this particular patient. However, Dr. Powell soon begins to realize that Prot is not any normal patient, but has some rather unexplainable qualities that make him doubt his own explanations. Not to mention Prot’s presence has a rather remarkable effect on the mental health of some of the other patients whom believe that he is in fact from K-PAX. While this 2001 Iain Softley film got many mixed reviews, I personally believe it exceeds expectations. Spacey bring a unique twist to the character Prot that reminds the viewers why he is one of the greatest actors of this generation. It is difficult to explain the performance Spacey brings to this movie for it to be as compelling as it is. Prot, who claims to be inhuman, is an intelligent individual who can easily describe his space travels, astounds a group of…

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