Movie Review : Lost On Hong Kong

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What is a comedy film? The Wikipedia says that “it is a genre of movie which designed to entertain the audience with exaggerating performance or plot.” However, the amount of laugh cannot defines the successful of a comedy film. In my opinion, every comedy contain a tragedy inside, and to form a great comedy, you must form a great tragedy first. The movie, Lost in Hong Kong, which is defined as a comedy, is a successful commercial movie due to its high box office, but remove the apparent normal jokes, the rest of the comedy is flat and empty. This movie, Lost in Hong Kong, is the third film of the series Lost which are Lost in Journey, Lost in Thailand, and Lost in Hong Kong. The director of the second and third film is the new director Xu Zheng, an actor who has performing career for decades. The series of Lost is basically road & action adventure comedy movie and the main theme of this series is that the funny things happens during an unfamiliar journey. In Lost in Hong Kong, the journey happens between the main character Xu Lai, who is performed by the director Xu Zheng, and main character’s brother-in-law Cai Lala who is performed by the new actor Bao Beier who just known by the public. The journey starts from a family travel to Hong Kong while the main character find out there is a chance to meet his first love girlfriends Yang yi. Thus he tries to avoid his family but he is still misunderstood by his brother-in-law who consider Xu lai wants to be infidelity to his

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