Movie Review : Mall Cop

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Literature Review As if being and officer is hard enough, every step you take is closely watched. Individuals see security officers in two different ways as previously mentioned, mall security personnel are either held to a high standard such as, police officers, or treated as a hoax. The article, “Terror, War, Crime, Budget Cuts and Now This – ‘Mall Cop,” discusses the negative image of mall security officers brought on by the movie Mall Cop. The movie takes place in New Jersey and is the story of a failed New Jersey State police academy candidate who becomes a shopping mall security officer. The fateful line, “Our mall security is fine, but ultimately we rely on the hope that nothing ever goes down,” is only one of the ways that the…show more content…
Scott Born, vice president of corporate relations with Valor Security, and member of ICSC stated: “the key reason for creating this program is because of the fact that malls are possible terrorist targets and will continue to be social and financial centers within communities,” (Anti-terror training program introduced for nation 's malls, 2007). The anti-terror training program cost $1.8 million. The focus of the program is to increase the terrorism awareness of security in shopping centers. The teaching methods of this program consist of a blended learning process of scenario gaming and short video presentations that are conducted in the shopping center. ICSC strives to train and implement up to 20,000 security officers across the country in terrorism awareness and deterrence. The diverse groups of participants and input received allows for the producers to evaluate security measures and apply real world scenarios in the planning procedures to ensure the effectiveness of the program, (Anti-terror training program introduced for nation 's malls, 2007). Although the anti-terror training program only relates to one part of a security officers training, it still has the ability to assist officers in different parts of the training process. For example, the anti-terrorism training program aims to teach security guards to be more
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