Movie Review : Mr. Smith

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Idealism is the behavior or thought based on a conception of things as the should be or alone would wish them to be. In the movie Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Mr. Smith is portrayed as idealistic throughout the movie. He is idealistic in this movie because he is able to enter into the lions’ den (so to speak) and come out unchanged and victorious. In contrast, if you compare the film to what happens to most politicians who spend time in Washington, DC, you will see a great difference between the film’s representation of how much of a difference one man can make and what generally happens to congressmen and senators in real life.
Midway through the senate term, senior senator Joseph Paine reveals himself having to fill the place of the recently deceased Senator Samuel Foley. Paine contacts his partners Happy Hopper and Jim Taylor, and the three discuss whom to appoint to the position. Jim Taylor’s first suggestion as the appointment for the senate seat was Horace Miller. The public rejected him as “Taylor’s Man, a “party man,” “ Taylor’s political stooge.” After a few failed appointees attempt to fill the placement, Jefferson Smith, leader of the state’s Boy Rangers group is designated to the position. Smith is naive, inexperienced and is also popular with the people. The reason for choosing Smith is simple: Taylor and Paine want to get the bill passed that would finance a dam at Willet Creek. The dam is completely unneeded but it would gain them popularity and votes. They…
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