Movie Review : New Girl

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Even without knowing it, all of us are in a group. We all have our own group of friends, one’s family is considered a group, and as a school one is considered to be a group. These are just a few examples of groups that many of us are a part of in everyday situations. When looking for a group to analysis, I chose to the characters in the TV show New Girl. I chose this group of people, because as a college student we may choose to in a house or apartment with many friends. Many of the processes that goes into a successful group, are needed when living with multiple people. Even though they might not always agree, the roommates in New Girl are successful in many areas of what makes a successful group. The show New Girl takes a modern look into friendship and romance of four roommates. The four roommates are: Nick, Winston, Schmidt and Jess. Jess is the only girl in the group, and is introduced to her new roommates when she breaks up with her boyfriend, which leaves her without a home. When she is looking for a new place to live, she comes across these three guys’ ad and she initially believes its three girls looking for a roommate. After meeting with Nick, Winston and Schmidt, they agree to have Jess move in with them. I would say that these roommates can be considered an interdisciplinary group because each member has a role and responsibilities in which they are trying to achieve a task. This group of roommates is known as a social group. Long-Crowell defines

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