Movie Review : Norma Rae

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Politics on Film Anna Airapetova Third reaction paper 4/12/15 Norma Rae "Norma Rae" – is an American drama of 1979 directed by Martin Ritt, which I saw as a strong and vital film. The whole idea of the movie is shown in it’s slogan: «The story of a woman with the courage to risk everything for what she believes is right». Movie is filmed believable and realistic, and this story really touches everyone. We see how regular people, like all us, are working hard from early morning to night in a textile factory in intolerable conditions and get a pittance. Nobody cares about them, and these people work like robots. The main character of this story, Norma Rae, meets a man from the Union, who promises to help people and introduce them to the factory union. We can see how Norma Rae struggles against injustice and how it is extremely difficult to do it, because she had two children who need to be fed. We see the story of change and courageous act or one fragile, but very strong woman. All the President 's Men June 17, 1972 the Watergate complex security guard Frank Wills noticed traces of penetration into the complex. Arrived police arrested a group of five people, apparently not accidentally wandered into the room headquarters of the Democratic Party with special technical devices. This group later ironically dubbed "Brigade plumbers", alluding to the fact that they carried out technical work (installation of bugs, making copies) have focused on information leak. All five men

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