Movie Review : Pretty Woman Directed By Garry Marshall

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The movie being reviewed is a classic romantic comedy entitled Pretty Woman directed by Garry Marshall in 1990. Pretty Woman takes place in Los Angeles, California where a kindhearted prostitute Vivian Ward (Julia Roberts) meets an out of town millionaire Edward Lewis (Richard Gere), and they find true love despite their differences in true fantasy fairy tale fashion and live happily ever after. This film is particularly relevant to many aspects of our American Popular Culture class because it addresses the differences in class system, morality, materialism, and even gender and feminism roles. Pretty Woman began with a man yelling out from the street “Welcome to Hollywood, What’s your dream?” (Marshall, 1990). In my personal opinion, this was a major substantive point of the overall movie prearranged by the director. Directly after the analogous fairy tale Rapunzel rescue that Edward Lewis performed with Vivian Ward on the fire escape in the final scene of the movie, that same man once again was walking the street yelling “Welcome to Hollywood, What’s your dream? Everybody comes here, this is Hollywood, the land of dreams! Some dreams come true, some don’t but keep on dreaming! This is Hollywood!” (Marshall, 1990). The film in its entirety plays out a fantasy or alternate reality for those who decide to watch. In true Cinderella fashion Edward Lewis takes Vivian Ward from rags to riches, and gives her everything imaginable from jewelry, shopping sprees, and a taste of

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