Movie Review : ' Pulp Fiction '

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In 1994, Quentin Tarantino released his American Crime film that was nominated for 7 Oscars, winning one, and is currently #95 on AFI’s 100 Greatest American Movies. The movie, Pulp Fiction, is about three characters that are all connected to the life of crime. The first character is Vincent, a man who follow every order his boss gives him. Vincent is satisfied with his life of crime and doesn’t plan on changing his lifestyle. The second main character is Jules, a man who believes that he recently was the witness of a miracle. Due to this miracle, Jules decides to give up his life of crime and find his true purpose in life. The last main character is Butch, a man who decides to disobey his crime boss’s orders and win his boxing match for pride and money. Through each of these character’s stories the audience learns about the power of deciding your own destiny and dealing with the consequences of your decisions. Not only do these character’s actions affect themselves, whether they are life changing or very small, but the decisions also affect everybody around them. The theme of Pulp Fiction is that every action has a consequence. There are a lot of big decisions made by characters in the movie. With every decision made, no matter how small it may be, there is a consequence.
The aesthetic element used to best illustrate the theme in Pulp Fiction is mise-en-scène. Mise-en-scène was originally a film term that referred to how actors, scenery, and props were staged. In film, it…

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