Movie Review : Shattered Glass

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Kimberly Cheng
Film Review for Shattered Glass
A. Introduction
1. Give the name of film, producer and the year.
Craig Baumgarten, Tove Christensen, Gaye Hirsch, and Adam Merims produced Shattered Glass in 2003.
2. Why did you select this film for your review?
I chose this film because I am interested in psychology and social behavior. As a student wanting to switch into a psychological and social behavior major at UC Irvine, I believe that exposing myself to how psychology may be presented in society will expand my approach and interpretation of psychology.
3. Have you seen it before?
I have not seen the film before; however, I thoroughly enjoyed it as it pushed me to think more deeply into the context of the situations occurring.
If so, how did a second viewing help in your understanding or enjoyment?
I have not seen the film before.
4. What was the film’s purpose or thesis? Was it clear or did you have to infer it?
The purpose of the film was to provoke important questions about honesty, morals, and character presented in professional journalism. Likewise, Shattered Glass displays a true story of how sociopaths are able to manipulate those around them without experiencing any feelings of remorse. The purpose of the film was not entirely well defined at first and the storyline had to be inferred. However, as the story progressed, the plot became clearer.
5. Who is the primary audience for this film?
The primary audience for this film includes individuals that are
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