Movie Review : The Dark Knight

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I remember the first time I ever watched The Dark Knight better than any movie I’ve ever seen. My older brother had just gotten the DVD of 2008’s summer blockbuster film as a gift and invited me to watch it with him in his room. It was late on a Friday night, and I made a bed of blankets on his floor, laid there with a bowl of buttery popcorn by my side, and engaged myself into a true masterpiece of the film industry. After that night, I watched that movie many times over and over again without exhaustion, and to this day, it still holds the top position on my list of favorite movies all time. The Dark Knight is one of the best films ever made in that it perfects almost every element of the superhero action movie. Probably the most important part of any movie is the actual story being told. The writers compressed a very long and elaborate storyline into a two and one half film that flows smoothly from place to place and doesn’t leave viewers confused about what is going on. The most important piece of this storyline is the vigilante, Batman. The writers take the viewer deep inside the mind of the masked vigilante, played by Christian Bale, and ask some deep questions: How many of gotham’s citizens is Batman willing to let die in order to protect his identity? How far should Batman go in order to bring justice to Gotham and put the joker away? As the story goes on, the Caped Crusader will have you cheering deep inside as he, along with a little help from trustworthy Alfred
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